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Based in Singapore, Nabcore constantly establish Smart Application solutions to support companies, brand owners to expand regionally in Asia. We formulate unique technology solutions to address pain points and establish Distribution channels and platforms for our client's products and services.   


​Nabcore team is always looking to provide useful programs to make our world a little better and secure. Our team is providing a platform to better curate products and services to ensure that they are truly what is being mentioned on the internet.  

We aim to ensure that the products and services that are provided ONLINE are real and genuinely from the brand owner and their source. We term it as Online Brand Security which involved: (1) Marketplace Monitoring, (2) Web Content Monitoring, (3) Social Media Monitoring.         

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It is the dream of everyone to see their business grow and expand globally to new markets. As a brand owner, you put every heart and soul in developing products and growing the business. But what is so good for the company and people if every product you supply suffers losses due to fakes? Beside ensuring that your rightful revenues and market shares are protected, it is also paramount that consumers get the real deal buying your products. 

At Nabcore, everything we do, we believe in unleashing its potential. We believe in thinking differently. The way we unleash potential is to design our solutions that empower, simple to implement and practical to use.

​We draw on valuable intellectual resources to provide proprietary technologies and design synergistic program for Brand Security and Anti-counterfeiting. Our solutions use both Physical Authentication and Mobile Verification for consumers to readily authenticate products in global trade. 

We help brand owners to implement interlocking Brand Solutions in Asia to engage consumers, prevent loss revenues, get visibility in Supply Chain (Track & Trace), increase sales profits and improve brand value. 

Our team specializes in working with Brand Owners in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Industrial Goods and Automotive sectors to secure their Intellectual Properties (IP) and Revenues. There are many case studies which we can share. If you wish to find out more, please feel free to contact us.   


7 Tips to prevent losses to counterfeit

As a Brand Owner (big or small), we want to expand our market share by going overseas especially to a growing economy. In countries like Vietnam, we have seen local distributors expecting the Brand Owner to provide support to prevent counterfeiting of the products that they would be distributing.

 Below are some of the problems faced by Brand Owners due to fakes: 

It is frustrating to see successful brands succumbed revenue/jobs losses due to knock-off when they venture overseas. It is even more painful to see fake products causing harm to people. Catching the counterfeiters are like fighting in guerrilla warfare, often hard to track or pin-point the offenders. Counterfeiting would only get worse with E-commerce. 

Many companies still believe that protecting their brand and product primarily way is only through trademark/copyright registration. The approach is useful but reactive and not optimize. Brand owners normally can take action only if there is a violation. Moreover, higher cost would be incurred to enforce such rights. Eg. Conduct raids, Litigation. Hence, brand owners tend to perceive Brand/IP protection as a non-tangible solution and a business cost with low ROI (practicality) for them.

Alternatively, companies can choose to be proactive. With the rise of smart phone, brand authentication, marketing campaign, consumer engagement, supply chain and product trend analysis can be interweaved. It becomes a more practical and appealing approach for companies.

Beside the common IP/Trademark registration, with technology below are some tips that companies can do:

  1. Look for a Brand Protection solution that offer BOTH High Security and Consumer Engagement.
  2. Adopt solution that allows simple and fast authentication for your products & packaging. – Eg: Mobile Verification
  3. Enhance your brand value by making your packaging more appealing
  4. Engage Consumers with program (eg. Lucky draws/loyalty points) to encourage authentication of your products. Do drive awareness, to upsell related products. 
  5. Provide distributors with visibility of Supply Chain through closed loop feedback.    
  6. Establish a system to capture data & insights of consumers trend to drive business growth.   
  7. Flag out suspicious suppliers to major marketplaces (eg. Alibaba/Ebay/Taobao etc) that are selling your products at a higher volume and lower price than your official distributors/partners.

With the use of physical authentication + digital verification such as encrypted Augmented Reality (AR) codes, QR codes, NFC/RFID and Blockchain Technology, Brand owners can create great opportunities to position themselves today. It only depends on how creative we want to be.   

There are many solutions in the market. All companies need to do is to take a step forward and ask ourselves if we want to take things for granted when venturing overseas. Perhaps how we want to see an application as a cost or revenue generation does make a difference in our business. 

Brand is one of the biggest asset that any company can have. Often being penny-wise, resulted in us making greater losses that sometime would take a long time to recover.