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Colour-Changing Security Label with Random Pin & QR Code

NFC Tags

Technology Platform for Renovation & Consultancy Services (Prop-Tech)

Renoho is a technology platform that is developed to address the need for (1) Communication Speed, (2) Better Designs and Deals and (3) Reliable Quality Service between Providers and Consumers in the renovation space.    

We understand that in renovation and consultancy industry, it is often clouded by many non-credible services providers. It is essential for a platform to provide better assurance to consumers and also for any new design ideas to be shared easily.    

Dual Layer Tamper evident label

Security Labels with mobile verification platform

Partnership (Business development, Project Management)

Business Development and Market Penetration

Our team also specialises in developing and managing program for our partners to penetrate new markets.  In the complex, competitive business world, we believe that cooperation is the key for sustainable growth.

Nabcore has formed an amazing team and partners who had helped Start-up, Small Medium Enterprise and Large cooperation. Our synergistic approaches with measurable goals help to grow businesses and move the economy forward single day.  

For any inquiries on partnership, please feel free to contact us –

3D matters

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

Being a driver for smart material applications, we are keen to support the development and application of 3D Printing. Nabcore is in the position to offer 3D Design, Printing services to produce prototypes and products development.

Rapid prototyping, manufacturing of intricate design products can now be achieved by pressing a single button!

NO Residue Transfer Tamper evident label

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Scanning QR code

Beside Holographic Optical Label (as above) - other solutions that we can integrate with technology system are: Tamper Evident Label (Below), Hot-Stamp Foil, Security Inks, Seal & Bolts, RFID/NFC Tags.

Full Residue Transfer Tamper evident label

Smart Applications (Nanotech, Clean-Tech, Info-Tech)

We offer a comprehensive range of smart application products based on advanced technologies. These unique technologies evolved a breed of smart materials which are incorporated to produce high performance products.    

One of our product offering is Hocen Nanotech Engine Treatment which can be added to any engine oil (new or old). It is based on advanced US nano-Metal Treatment Technology (MTT) that had been used by US military to harden metal equipment surface.

MTT is the ultimate lubricant enhancer that coats all metal surfaces through metallurgical process forming a durable polished micro-layer of hard metal that drastically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature. The near-polished surface has better lubricity (~3 times more) and hardness.

Brand Security: Physical Authentication, Mobile Verification, Track & Trace solutions

Mobile Smart-phone and Internet have significant influence in the 21st century. In the modern society, we seek greater visibility and faster response anywhere, anytime.

The combination of technology with on-demand generation and mobile apps platform is able to offer what consumers and brand owners seeking to experience. Brand owners can increase their products and brand value with the solutions. Moreover, the unique applications had proven to be game changer for Brand Protection, Anti-counterfeiting and Track & Trace for many of our clients.